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BusoasisSPORTS is a Calderdale Methodist Circuit project designed to help people of all ages and abilities engage and to be community through sport

Have you ever thought about playing WALKING FOOTBALL? If so, why not come along and join us
every Tuesday Lunchtime 12 noon-1pm. Threeways Centre, Cousin Lane, Ovenden.

Also Wednesday night, 8pm Lightcliffe Academy,  £3


If you are interested contact
Paul Welch 07502085212

We also offer walking netball, indoor curling, archery and football coaching.

Walking netball Tuesday night 6:30pm at Illingworth Moor £3


What do we do? Some of the sports that are delivered through the project are football, walking football, walking netball, archery, golf days, New Age curling, indoor bowls, short tennis, basketball and Cage football as well as others. The sessions are more to do with having fun and enjoyment rather than being too competitive.

Why do we do what we do? The object is to help people to engage or re-engage with sports for the first time or again. The project looks to develop a sense of well being and selfworth for those individuals who take part, as well as developing and nurturing new skills.

Who is it for?
The range of activities are for anyone regardless of ability, age or proficiency. However, some of the sport sessions like the walking netball for instance are gender specific, but not exclusive.

Walking Football

Who is it run by? The sessions are run by the Calderdale Methodist Circuit Pioneer Minister Rev Paul Welch who has been in Halifax for the past 9 years. Paul is a qualified football coach FA Level 1 and holds an Archery leaders certificate. Paul is by no means a Professional, but the sports are delivered in a professional but fun way.

Who do we work in partnership with?
The project works in partnership with other organisations around Calderdale which include our sibling project Busoasis. Through the Busoasis banner we have previously  worked with  OSCA, Project 12:21, West Yorkshire Police, Calderdale Youth for Christ, Happy Days homeless Charity, Whitehill Community Academy, Boy’s Brigade, Girl’s Brigade and others.

Everything we do is for the good of our community, because of the faith we have in Jesus.

We use Christian values to demonstrate a way of living that is holistic for the whole person and their well being, either physical, mental or spiritual.

Through sport, we want to show practical care, support and love to those with whom we meet and engage with.

Through the sessions we seek to provide a space that is welcoming, friendly, compassionate and encouraging to those who enter that space.

We seek to build relationships and community around the sports that we play and deliver.

We will play and teach sports in such a way that is pleasurable, respectful and fair.

We believe that God is a playful being who delights in play.

We believe that the pleasure we have in playing sport is a reflection of God’s delight in enabling us his children to play and have pleasure in doing so.

As a Christian organisation we want to invest, care and love our community of which we are a part.

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Page updated: March 25 2021